Interview With My Grandmother Mary Arndt(BookSight Episode 5)

Welcome to BookSight, a weekly podcast dedicated to accounting, bookkeeping and small business tasks. In this bonus special episode, host Taylor Arndt interviews her grandmother, Mary Arndt, who runs her own business. Mary shares her story of how she got started in the world of entrepreneurship and how her business, an Aloette skincare and makeup line, grew from a hobby to a full-time job.
Mary explains that she was introduced to Aloette by a friend, who gave her a sample of the products and she was immediately drawn to the organic and animal-free nature of the skincare line. She decided to start her own Aloette business and with the help of her husband, she grew her business and was eventually promoted to manager.
Throughout the interview, Mary emphasizes the many benefits of being self-employed, including the freedom to make your own schedule and the ability to take vacation when you want. However, she also stresses the importance of understanding the responsibilities that come with being your own boss, such as having to make sure you are making enough money.
Mary also shares her successful moments in her business, including being promoted to manager and earning trips and cruises through the company's rewards program. She also mentions that she was able to combine her love for travel with her business, as she was a tour guide for 23 years and enjoyed sharing the Aloette opportunity with many people while on tour.
The conversation highlights the importance of believing in your product, and how having a great company to work with can make all the difference in being an entrepreneur.
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Interview With My Grandmother Mary Arndt(BookSight Episode 5)
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