Overcoming Barriers: My Experience with Ultimate Tax and My Next Steps to Becoming an Enrolled Agent

In this episode, I discuss recent developments in the tax community and update listeners on my experience with a new tax software called Ultimate Tax. as a person with a visual impairment, I have struggled to find accessible tax software in the past. However, after receiving a tip about Ultimate Tax, I decided to give it a try. The software is cloud-based and available for all platforms, including mobile. To see me demonstrate the software and how accessible it is for me by preparing a fake tax return live, check out my YouTube video. Now that I had found an accessible tax preparation software, the next step was to get the training I needed to learn tax. I had decided that I wanted to become an Enrolled Agent, and knew that I needed to study for the EA exam. In my search for the right training resources, I came across Tax Mama, an online tax course that promised to provide me with the knowledge and skills I needed to pass the EA exam and become a tax professional. I was particularly impressed with Tax Mama's commitment to accessibility, they offered alternative formats to help learners with visual impairments to access the materials and support.
Choosing the best tax preparation software is one of the most critical decisions for tax professionals. However, the lack of accessibility features offered in many of the existing tax software still presents a major challenge. Luckily, one innovative leader in this space support individuals and small businesses by providing an accessible service. 
In this episode, I talk about my experience testing a tax preparation software that someone recommended to me, and how my views on this software ended up being surprisingly controversial. I also talk bout how to become an enrolled agent (EA), and I introduce you to the prep course that I would recommend to anyone considering becoming an enrolled agent. Tune in to learn more about this and other exciting topics!
 | 3:01 | Discussing Ultimate Tax professional tax software
 | 10:44 | Tax professionals are demanding an accessible tax preparation software
 | 13:19 | Becoming an enrolled agent
 | 16:15 | TaxMama® - A pleasant surprise
 | 21:18 | Helping individuals who may be underrepresented
 | 25:17 | Interviews with family
Notable quotes:
·       “I'm excited about Ultimate Tax because this opens up a door that I never thought I'd be able to go down. And that is becoming an enrolled agent.”
·       “An enrolled agent is a very highly esteemed credential and having it will help you definitely stand out.”
·       “If I can tell people that I can prepare their taxes, then they're going to be very happy because they're going to have someone who they can trust.”
·       “Without my family's support, especially those who run businesses, I would not be in the position where I am because I know a lot because they've taught me.”
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Overcoming Barriers: My Experience with Ultimate Tax and My Next Steps to Becoming an Enrolled Agent
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